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What happens during a consult

How the consults work


Once you book your initial consultation, you will be sent some paperwork to fill out, this includes:

  • A detailed health and medical history questionnaire.
  • A survey of your major complaints.
  • An assessment of your most troubling and frequently experienced symptoms.
  • A diet appraisal.
  • A food symptom diary.

It is important that you take time to complete these intake forms, as they are vital in helping us understand your case.

Initial Consultation

During your initial 60-minute consultation, you will sit down with your practitioner to go over your health history, and review all your symptoms and diet. This comprehensive appraisal ensures that we have all of the information needed to gain a complete understanding of all the factors affecting your health. On completion of your assessment, we will:

  • Provide you with dietary guidelines, including an allowable food list, eating plan, meal plan, meal planner and recipes.
  • Recommend initial supplements for symptom relief.
  • Refer you for pathology and functional pathology testing, if indicated.

Follow-up Consultations

4 weeks following your initial consultation, you will come in for a 20-30 minute follow-up, where we will:

  • Review any test results.
  • Discuss the underlying patterns and triggers that are contributing to your symptoms.
  • Outline the suggested treatment plan, including dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Troubleshoot any issues with eating plan.
  • Answer any questions you may have about the findings or the treatment plan.

Then, every 2-4 weeks, you will have 30 minute check-ups. At these visits, we will review your progress on the treatment plan, fine-tune your diet and protocol, trouble shoot any issues, and make additional recommendations as necessary.

Between visits, you will be able to email your practitioner with any questions that may arise.

What next?


To learn more about the testing and treatment options available to you we recommend you take a free 15 minute phone consultation with our Naturopath. During this call you can learn more about our treatments and have any questions you may have answered. This call is to determine if we are a good fit for one another rather than a history or complete consultation. There is no obligation, and no strings attached.

It is quick and easy to book your free 15-minute phone consultation using our online calendar. Just click the link below, choose a date and time convenient for you, enter your details, and our Naturopath will call you at your chosen time. Book here


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