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Bloating, diarrhea, constipation, gas, and abdominal pain are the most common complaints we see at the Digestive Wellness Clinic, and we understand how frustrating and debilitating these symptoms can be.

Despite what you may have been told there is a reason you are experiencing the symptoms you are. Latest research has shown there are causes for IBS, which can be treated. So, you don’t have to ‘just live’ with your symptoms, and it’s definitely not ‘all in your head’.

But my test results are normal

Like most of our clients, you’ve probably had all the tests: colonoscopy, gastroscopy, ultrasound, etc and been told that everything is normal.

Problem is, when your doctor runs these tests they aren’t necessarily looking for the cause of your symptoms, rather they are ruling out more serious conditions, such as bowel cancer, Crohns disease, ovarian cancer, etc.

Whilst this is a very important step, it doesn’t help you come to a better understanding of your symptoms and can often times leave you even more confused and helpless.

Discovering the true cause of your symptoms

It is important to understand that IBS is just a label for a cluster of symptoms, and no two IBS sufferers are experiencing exactly the same symptoms. Therefore, no one treatment or generic advice is going to work for everyone.

Your symptom pattern is unique to you and may have one of many causes. The answer lies in discovering the true cause of your symptoms, then employing a treatment plan based on those findings.

At the Digestive Wellness Clinic, an experienced Naturopath who specialises in digestive health, will take the time to listen to you and your history, conducting a thorough case history, symptom analysis and, if indicated, referral for functional pathology testing, to discover what’s really behind your symptoms.

What causes IBS?

Some of the more common reasons we find for the symptoms of IBS include:

How do I find out what’s causing my symptoms?

Depending on your symptoms and case analysis there are a number of tests available to us to discover what’s causing your symptoms, including:

How is IBS treated?

Once we have a clear understanding of what’s causing your symptoms, you will work together with your Naturopath to create a personalised IBS treatment plan consisting of herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, medicinal foods and eating plan.

This comprehensive IBS treatment plan works by:

  • Removing foods from your diet that cause inflammation feed the wrong bacteria and irritate the gut wall.
  • Removing any abnormal growth of bacteria, yeasts and/or parasites in your gut.
  • Reducing inflammation and repairing the lining of your gastrointestinal tract.
  • Restoring beneficial bacteria and re-establishing healthy bacterial balance in your gut.
  • Restoring digestive secretions.
  • Improving gut immunity.

While the focus is on correcting the underlying conditions causing your symptoms, we also make sure you are experiencing relief from your symptoms right away, so you can start enjoying your life sooner.

On the IBS Treatment Programme you are given all the support you need, from recipes and eating plans, to troubleshooting, ongoing consultations and email support. We are there for you until the causes of your symptoms are resolved and you are living life IBS free.

You’ve probably been suffering with your symptoms for a while now, you may have tried a few things which helped a little, you may feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing works.

The key is to take out the guess work.

Be guided by an expert to find the true cause of your symptoms through proper testing.

Begin a step by step, proven action plan to resolve your symptoms naturally.

Imagine how much better your life would be if you could eat like a ‘normal’ person and not always be thinking about your bowels.

It is possible to end the pain, frustration and discomfort.

What next?


To learn more about the testing and treatment options available to you we recommend you take a free 15 minute phone consultation with our Naturopath. During this call you can learn more about our IBS treatments and have any questions you may have answered. This call is to determine if we are a good fit for one another rather than a history or complete consultation. There is no obligation, and no strings attached.

It is quick and easy to book your free 15-minute phone consultation using our online calendar. Just click the link below, choose a date and time convenient for you, enter your details, and our Naturopath will call you at your chosen time. Book here


What happens during a consult

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