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Gut Naturopath Sydney

The Digestive Wellness Clinic is a Sydney natural medicine practice specialising in digestive health and the natural treatment of:

Having a digestive issue can be frustrating and confusing.  You want to know…

  • What’s the root cause of my symptoms?
  • What foods should I and shouldn’t I be eating?
  • What tests should I be having?
  • What supplements should I take and will they help?

Our natural treatment plans can help you by discovering the true cause of your symptoms, and resolving them naturally. We help by:

  • Using the correct lab test to identify the root cause of your symptoms.
  • Addressing the underlying cause of your problems, rather than just suppressing symptoms.
  • Customised treatment plans. We treat you, not the disease.
  • Personalised eating plan. Discover which foods are safe and which you should avoid.
  • A step by step, proven action plan to resolve your symptoms using safe and effective natural medicines.
  • Personalised care. We take the time to listen, ensuring all your questions are answered, and that you feel secure and supported throughout the treatment.
  • Experience and professional standards. Sydney Naturopath Matt Douglas has a Bachelors degree in Health Science and has been a practising Naturopath for over 15 years, specialising in digestive health and the treatment of IBS.

What next?

To learn more about the testing, treatment details and to see if this programme is for you, it is recommended that you book a free 15 minute phone consultation. During this call you can learn more about the programme and have any questions you may have answered. This call is to determine if we are a good fit for one another rather than a history or complete consultation. There is no obligation, and no strings attached.

It is quick and easy to book your free 15-minute phone consultation using the online calendar. Just click the link below, choose a date and time convenient for you, enter your details, and Matt will call you at your chosen time. Book here

The Digestive Wellness Clinic
12 Junction St Woollahra, NSW 2025 Tel: (02) 8001 6344